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Student life can be a lot of fun. Perhaps you’re living away from home for the first time and getting your first taste of adult life. Or maybe you’re enjoying endless parties, themed club nights and film screenings at your students’ union. Maybe you’ve even joined the extreme ironing or tiddlywinks societies.....

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Joining the tremendously long list of downsides to the UK’s imminent departure from the European Union is the possible loss of the Erasmus programme, an exchange scheme that has given more than 3 million students the chance to study in 37 countries since 1987. Of course, there are many other exchange schemes across the world, but the majority require the student to have several thousand pounds spare for tuition, accommodation and so on. Losing Erasmus is another devastating blow for the social mobility of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Not only are they about to lose the freedom to live and work in the EU, they have also lost incredible opportunities to immerse themselves in another culture and build invaluable skills, which research has proven sets them up for the world of work much better than their peers who don’t undertake Erasmus placements.

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Department of the Treasury for issuing guidance that will expand education loan borrowers' opportunities to refinance their loans by permitting nonprofit and state-based agencies to use the proceeds of qualified student loan bonds to refinance loans regardless of their originating lender. This change will help reduce the burden of student debt nationwide while providing an economic boost to students, families, and their communities...

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Harvard University announced on Monday that it would significantly increase the financial aid it offered to middle-class and upper-middle-class students, seeking to allay concerns that elite colleges are becoming too expensive for even relatively well-off families...

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